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Team Training

Team Training

These are group based metabolic conditioning classes. Primarily working on high-intensity workouts, for the ultimate fat-loss workout. We focus on a combination of weights and cardio to ultimately increase your metabolism.


Strength. Muscle. Endurance.

All our coaches at Strong. Lean. Fit have performed every type of program, exercise and weight training routine known to man. With that knowledge, we have put together, quite possibly, some of the best methods possible to force that change on the body.

All about you



At Strong. Lean. Fit our main focus with nutrition is to firstly teach you the basics in our phase 1 system to ensure you are getting the most simple and important aspects to nutrition. Then after take you to the next level if needed. We say ‘if’ needed, because we understand and appreciate that some people get results faster than others- and the content and education is there to suit the individual as and when needed. Everyone has busy lifestyles so less is more when done properly. No F.A.D’s no pills or potions, just a solid structure with meaning.


With our training systems at Strong. Lean. Fit we are really focused on the structure and ensuring the training is right for the individual. This is why we have different programs for different goal focusses and body shapes. All of our programming comes from years of alternation to bring the best type for each program. We believe everyone can train harder than they currently do and it’s our mission to help people understand the benefits to being ‘out your comfort zone’, in a safe and effective way.

Mindset & Education

We like to look at this as one area. It’s vital to have a good mindset to achieve results anywhere in life, so we make sure this from the off. On the initial discovery call we have with clients we ensure they are in the right place to ‘want’ results. Then on the inside we have a no negativity rule. Everyone helps everyone to achieve the most they can and more. Education comes very much so with the mindset. The mindset to want to learn more about yourself, learn more about the body and how to firstly help yourself but also help others. We love to help people become confident, educated and happy!