In this interview I have a good friend on mine Matt Hall. He is a very good personal trainer, a happy guy and brings great results for people.
I have know Matt for years and he has always been into the bodybuilding approach of training and the balanced lifestyle type of nutrition, But since starting in the fitness industry ive always known him to be lean and stay lean- So thats exactly what we talk about.
Additional to that we talk about if Macro’s matter, how important calories are, the difference between steady state cardio and HiiT training, plus lots more…
Its a great video and you will love it if you want to learn more and be inspired.
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Im really excited to launch these as firstly I love talking…

But most importantly I want to help people hear more about the different lives people live and what can hopefully help you develop further.

Im not saying you will take up strongman, or any other sport they may do. But its seeing things from other points if you like.

Many people ask me questions about my life, my views and what I do for x,y,z…

But I personally LOVE to hear other people opinions too.

Dan is a great friend of mine. Ive known him years but only recently started training together as we matched on tinder and struck gold since!

Ok, obviously thats a joke!

But we now push each other and keep each other accountable and motivated.

He has literally been to the top in Strongman at the worlds a few times. Yet to win it but he is super strong and has some great biceps too (He pretends he doesn’t train arm but he does!)

In the interview we talk about how he trains, how he eats, what keeps him motivated and the struggles he goes through. Its an awesome interview and whether you are into strongman or not… you will love to hear it.

If you wanted to plan it in its just 15 mins. Worth the time!

After this one I have a range of different people lined up so keep an eye out, im super pumped for this series.

As always your feedback is welcome so let me know who you would like to see on.