Competition Entry

At Strong.Lean.Fit we are known for running great events for people new or intermediate in Strongman/Woman.

If you would like to join one/or all of our events this year please fill out an entry form and a member of the team will contact you asap.

To join our next event please add in the details below and make a payment on the next page to secure your place.

Open Novice.
Open Intermediate.
u90 Novice, u90 Intermediate
u105 Novice, u105 Intermediate

Dates for 2019:
23rd Mar- Strongman Comp (Novice & intermediate)
18th May- Strongman Comp (Novice & intermediate)
27th July- Strongman Comp (Novice & intermediate)

26th Oct- Strongman Final (Novice & intermediate)* Note- this is for the top 3 of each competition invited back for the final of the year.