Competition Entry

At Strong.Lean.Fit we are known for running great events for people new or intermediate in Strongman/Woman.

If you would like to join one/or all of our events this year please fill out an entry form and a member of the team will contact you asap.

To join our next event please add in the details below and make a payment on the next page to secure your place.


Open Novice.
Open Intermediate.

u90 Novice, u90 Intermediate
u105 Novice, u105 Intermediate

Dates for 2019:
23rd Mar- Strongman Comp (Novice & intermediate)
18th May- Strongman Comp (Novice & intermediate)
10th August- Strongman Comp (Novice & intermediate)

12th Oct- Strongman Final (Novice & intermediate)* Note- this is for the top 3 of each competition invited back for the final of the year.

23rd March 201918th May 201927th July 2019

You will receive an email to confirm your place in the next 48hours from a member of our team.

Thank you for taking part and good luck!

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