Dino's 6 Stone Loss...

You may have already seen this but I wanted to express more on actually what dino has done in the past 18 months with me…

Dean Maden

January 28th, 2018

Rewinding back to how I know Dino and when. I remember when I used to see him come round my fathers house and FILL the doorway and block out the light making it look like it was midnight- thats my memory of him!

Dino, in his day was a big bodybuilder. Always been a big frame and has a lot of muscle that he has built over the years. He is never going to be ‘small’, but after not training for years and having a job that doesn’t require a lot of movement he started to put on more fat. Also being Italian, his parents didn’t understand the difference between feeding someone and having food on drip 😛 (Im only saying that because my girlfriends in the same boat).

Starting with me 18 months ago Dino was weighing in at 31 stone. Like we know he isn’t ever going to be ‘light’, but he wanted to change this. And I wanted to as well.

He wont mind me saying this but we could possibly say that Dino ‘hates’ training. Or very close to the word. Simply because he said he finds it tough to get moving. The reason im telling you this is simply because many people feel the same way. But if the reason for doing it is enough and you invest into a coach to help you, the excuses become less.

The first 6 months were tough to start things off for Dino but also he was losing every week and it was very positive. He dropped down to 28 stone in the first period, then moving into 27 stone and 26 stone by the year point. And then the last 6 months have been slower. That is normal and the point you need to get more specific with training and more specific with nutrition.

We went through stages of lower calories and higher calories to test out what he needed. We also went through different training styles to see how he responded.

You may think training is training, but people response very different depending on their body type. Dino grows muscle very fast and gains fat very fast if he eat a lot of food- simple theory but its important to know how fast!

We made his training more cardio based (I don’t mean cardio machines, weights but faster movements and more reps) Then after a 12 week period of changing a few factors and focusing on calories, more specifically what the breakdown of Protein, carbs and fat was, he started to drop more weight.

Having 25 stone as a goal, we started another 12 week focused plan to see that number on the scales.

Again we kept the calories at a consistent low, but fuelling with good enough nutrient to feed his body. We kept the training with high reps and some heavy lifting. And he grinned through with taking his steps up to 10k minimum per day…

At the end of our last 12 week check in he jumped on the scales and weighed in bang on 25 stone!!

This is not the end of the journey for Dino and he’s ready for more, but its a MASSIVE achievement to go from 31 stone down to 25 stone.

He is an amazing guy and deserves it. Knowing he feels and looks so much better is the reason I love my job and help people like Dino.

There is options for everyone, you just have to find the reason you want to achieve it and then find the way you are going to do it…

We run online and in person training so what ever suits you. If you are stuck and want a 12 week plan give us a shout!

Thank you for reading and show Dino some love!

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