Don’t let the Blame game ruin your results

Many people at some point or another will go through what’s called the “blame game”.

Dean Maden

April 28th, 2017

”It is their fault I am not where I want to be”.

”It is the gym’s fault I am not losing weight”.

”It is my partner’s fault I hate my job, and can’t get out”.

These are just a few examples of the blame game.

So bringing it back home for a second; let’s talk about gym goals/results.

We will take a hypothetical example of someone who started well in the gym and enjoying sessions. However, results have been very limited. This carries on for some weeks/months, where motivation is now very low.

We have the ”chat” where I am told that they have done everything we have asked of them, followed the plan, recorded food, done 3-4 sessions a week.

…..We delve a little deeper….

They recorded food for one week, then why bother? I already know what I am having! Right?

The 3-4 sessions a week, turned out to be, good week, bad week, good week, bad week.

Not consistent and not what we coach.

  • No replies to emails
  • No attendance to seminars (for now they are free for god sake)
  • No attendance to open gym invitations.
  • No attendance at the running club.
  • No reply to check-in month.
  • Little to no involvement with the FB group.

In this made-up scenario, all the answers were right in front of this person, but we decide to play the blame game instead.

Don’t let the blame be an auto response/default behaviour.

Look a little deeper, at what you are doing, or may not be doing.

Don’t be scared to reach out and ask for help, we are in the ”helping game” It is what we do, and love to do.

However, what doesn’t help you or us, or the people around you, is blaming everyone and everything.

It is uninspiring, negative, and if I am really honest, no one cares!

Be honest with yourself, and those close to you, and strive to be the person you envisioned when you set out on your journey. Whether that be gym, job, love, or general life.

Would love some comments on this, what do you think?

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