Everyone who joins us, joins us with a goal, initially.

Dean Maden

July 28th, 2017

Below is a few examples of the different types of people and their goals:

  1. Goal changes weekly/monthly depending on where they’re mind-set wise. One week it’ll be fat loss, the next it’ll be a 1RM. Fleeting from one goal to the next is fine if it keeps you motivated, however, what if you’re not achieving any of the goals you set out? This could lead to the feeling of failure.
  2. No goal, just love the social aspect. Nothing wrong with this, as long as you’re not holding anyone back and being supportive of other peoples goals.
  3. Go all in for a few weeks or months, then disappear for a while. This works for some people and life can certainly take over training from time-to-time. However, consistency is key to any plan, short or long term. Personally, I would hate to see all my hard work vanish.
  4. Trinket/trophy oriented goals. Some people are motivated solely by the end goal: wedding, competition, holiday etc. These are great, but again what do you do after the event? Always keep that backup goal on hand. Arrange the next comp, look for that next goal etc.
  5. Applause goals. When someone achieves amazing results, they usually get lot’s of slaps on the back, high fives, plenty of ego boosting congratulations. Let’s be honest, we all love this. When these are a little thin on the ground, sometimes you can search for any goal, just for those self-affirming congratulations again. Make sure you know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Try not to be a slave to this, because ultimately, it comes down to how you feel about yourself, not what others think of you.

Me personally, I have some kettlebell goals I’m currently working on. Also, continuing to love training and trying not to get injured. As I get older, injury prevention is something I have to think about. However, I’ve been training that long now, that training is just part of my day-to-day.

Please feel free to comment on anything goal orientated I may have missed, it’s an interesting subject.

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