How low can calorie conundrums go?

Ok, I mainly chose the heading because it sort of rhymes. But people are still confused over the whole calorie amount thing.

Dean Maden

December 28th, 2016

Hence statements like this:

“This seems like a lot of calories.”

“There’s not enough here for me.”

‘”Seems like a lot of carbs.”

“Seems like a lot of fat.”

These are just some of the statements that get thrown at me when someone is either creating an eating plan or receiving one from me.

Most of the time this plan has not even been attempted yet. However, it’s already being questioned.

This usually comes down to their current belief system, which most of the time states that you need to be on a mega low, stick thin, supermodel plan, which is never sustainable and sometimes detrimental to your health.

Let’s look at this –


Lowest BMR (Basel metabolic rate, calories needed just to be alive) in my opinion would be between 1200-1400 cals x 1.2 for someone sedentary = 1400-1600.

Now let’s say you work out that day and burn on average 500 cals.

Maybe that day you take the kids to the park and go for a walk after- another 500 cals off.

You’re not really leaving your body with much for immune health, hormone regulation/balance, digestion, central nervous system, and brain function.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not recommending the above equation, quite the opposite. It’s unhealthy and unsustainable.


  • Sort your calories out based on the info you have on the website.
  • Track your food, so you know you’re hitting them.
  • If nothing moves, make slight adjustments, lowering by no more than 100 cals (speak to us before doing this)
  • Monitor again.
  • Stay in touch with coaches, posting regularly on the group with screenshots of tracked food.

Don’t just say it’s not going to work because “it doesn’t look right” without actually trying.

Don’t blame being a technophobe either; you don’t have to be Bill Gates to work out MyFitnessPal or any other app. It’s no more difficult to use than Facebook.

Obviously, we’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Like with anything, it just takes a little time and practice.

We want people to enjoy the process.

To learn and be educated.

To not feel guilty if you want to treat yourself, and enjoy time with your family.

Hope this makes sense.

Feel free to comment.

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