What’s Your Diet Like?

Obviously, being someone who gives simple dietary advice day in, day out, I will get asked what my nutrition looks like.

Dean Maden

February 28th, 2017

Well for me it couldn’t be more simple (a bit like me).

I go for a more flexible diet approach.

What’s this?

  1. I work out my calorie needs
  2. I then split up my macronutrients, based on those calorie needs
  3. Some days may have a higher carb or fat split, depending on what I’m training
  4. If those targets are met, then any calories left over, I’ll have what I want (I do like chocolate)

Food for a balanced diet in the form of circle. Isolated on white

I’m not in a calorie deficit or a surplus, so this is based on maintenance needs, which means I’m trying to maintain the very little muscle mass I have.

If I were a physique/bodybuilding competitor, then my nutrition would probably be a little different.

And that’s that, people! Simple and to the point. No boring foods, no confusing plans, just consistently sticking to a plan that suits me, and my individual needs.

Feel free to contact me, if you need any help.

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