Your Nutrition Plan And How We Do It

Have you ever wondered how we work out your nutrition plans?

Dean Maden

March 28th, 2018

Honestly, we keep it as simple as possible.

Below, I’ve used myself as an example; if I were to create a plan for me and wanted to lose weight.

My BMR (the number of calories I need to be alive) is 1900 calories

My current lifestyle activity level (this is the energy needed for training, moving, work etc) is an extra 700 cals

Total = 2600 cals

If I consume 500 fewer calories, then I need per day, that’s a calorie deficit of 3500 calories per week – this is approximately the number of calories in 1 LB of fat- = 1lbs of fat/weight loss.

So, if someone says they have lost 5 lbs in one week, chances are it’s not all fat. Some will be glycogen, water and unfortunately- muscle tissue.

As this would equate to a 17500 calorie deficit – I would not want to around this person.

So never feel disappointed at a 1lbs weight loss result as you’re on the right track.

This rapid loss will eventually slow down, sometimes stop- the dreaded plateau. But this is for another post.

* Constant states of depletion can lead to being lethargic, moody, hangry, cravings.

This is when a refeed meal can be advised.

* But when you have created an eating plan you can stick to, then it’s about balance,

And providing you:

A – Eat mainly nutrient dense food for satiety (being full)

B – Stay within your calorie/macro limits.

Most foods can be enjoyed as long as you stay within the limits you set for yourself.

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