The Signature Programme.

All our coaches at Strong. Lean. Fit have performed every type of program, exercise and weight training routine known to man. With that knowledge, we have put together, quite possibly, some of the best methods possible to force that change on the body.

Whether your goal is toned muscle, muscle bulk or fat loss. No matter how you want to word it, the training that goes with it to achieve those things is the same. That is where this program will take you.

We take the best parts of powerlifting, strongman, cross training and bodybuilding; to excel what your body can achieve. The visual differences will also be apparent.

The often strenuous weight routines have a significant impact on your basal metabolic rate (burning calories at rest) as well as your overall well-being.

It is not just about lifting heavy weights either. We concentrate on the performance side of things too, making sure you are physically fit to cope with the demands of not just the workout, but life in general.

This program is usually a progression from the Team Training routines. SME is an advanced training protocol with the sole purpose of creating a dramatic change in body composition. In short- you are going to look amazing.

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Open Gym

When we say open gym, it's not just a 'gym that is open' - we have limited spaces so we ensure that we are taking on people who want to train hard!