Can you out train a bad diet?

People often ask this – to themselves I guess, because they want an excuse to eat ‘bad’ things.

First of all, can you out train a bad diet? Yes you can.

Of course you can because its all about the input and output. If you train more than the amount of bad food you eat then you will burn it off.

However here are 3 reasons why its just not cool!!

First things first, if you eat food that is high in carbs, high in bad fats, high in sodium and sugar you will not be fuelling yourself effectively. You might in your head say ‘oh fuel shmuel’. But I’m talking from a performance side of things, and I don’t know about you but I want to treat myself like a super car, not a banged out Fiesta. Bad food is harder for the body to break down, less nutrient is absorbed and you then have had more calories than needed yet still no nutrient and energy. In turn you won’t even feel good day to day, let alone train well!

Secondly Eating lots of different and crazy foods have hidden calories ‘all over the place’, there is too much for the body to attempt to break down and draw out the nutrient. If you eat too many types of foods and chemicals, the body will be working harder to break them down which in turn means you will need more energy to do this (The body uses energy to break down food) Going back to the point of calories- these types of food are more calorific in small doses than usual foods so you can eat what feels like the same amount of food but near to double the calories. When you think about it… pretty silly right?

Lastly and in my eyes one of the most important ones. Having ‘good food’, and ‘bad food’ lists is building a bad relationship with food. You might be thinking ‘you have just been calling it that’, yes because I wanted to use the terms people say and also point out what I think. Reason being, is when people associate certain foods as good or bad you think and feel different emotionally after having them. (Some people may say this is BS – but most people this is true with) So, you have a healthy omelette for breakfast, go to the gym, have a chicken salad and sweet potato for lunch. You see friends and have a ‘bad’ packet of crisps at the pub, you then tell yourself after wards it’s bad and you shouldn’t have done it! You go home dinner is ready and you have mince meat with chopped peppers, sauce and rice. Because you have eaten the crisps and beating yourself up in the head all afternoon you then go to the shop and buy some doughnuts and a milk shake and go to bed feeling shite! You wake up in the morning with a negative attitude about yesterday’s food and weighing more on the scales! So, if we rewind back to the point you had eaten the crisps. Face the facts that YOU decided to do it, and its just ‘x’ amount of extra carbs… Then in a logic way of looking at it you can take out that same amount of carbs out the dinner you were having to mentally tell yourself that you have recouped it. stay on track through the night and wake up feeling refreshed! This, may sound crazy… and for some may seem like most nights. Only you can decide that – but I hear it all the time and a little tweak with the mindset of food and it can be ‘trained’ out the mind. Give it a go!

Here you have it! 3 great reasons to look into your food more. Before I go let me just add. People battle every day about food, they get frustrated, but new diet plans, start new F.A.D diets and do stupid things to be honest…

There really is NO need. I don’t stick to any diet or system, but I have my own from the stuff I have learnt over the 10 years in the industry. When you master your own ship and take the time your body deserves then you start to really see the changes.

Energy is KEY to feeling good and training hard so make sure you focus on this. Then the food you eat will have different effects on the body, so make sure you are being smart. Count calories if you want to drop weight because if you don’t monitor, YOU DON’T KNOW. It’s not worth guessing!

Thats all for now-

Any questions i’m happy to help.

Strong.Lean.Fit Educ8