self-punishment vs self-reward

Do you use self-punishment rather than self-reward as your main strategy to achieve your goal in training?
One huge and very common form of self-punishment is if a client has a bad day- or what they deem a bad day- and maybe have a doughnut at work, a drink on their lunch break or ice cream at night. And because of this, they completely berate themselves because they didn’t live up to their standards or expectations.
Already with the above example, food is being used as either a reward or an excuse to punish yourself and so begins a bad relationship with food.
You are not alone if you do this!
Our main advice on this subject is DON’T USE FOOD AS AN INCENTIVE. rewarding yourself for short-term accomplishments that will lead you to your long-term goal is great; as long as your rewards are unrelated to food. Going out for food should be just something you do because you like it, you work hard and just want to have fun, not because you’ve lost a few lbs and had a good week in the gym. Once again you’re associating food with a positive feeling.
Same as if you have something away from your plan, so what! get over it and maybe add a few extra steps into your day.
Instead, use other reward incentives, for example: a trip away, a new item of clothing or some new gym gear.
1- Don’t use food as a reward for having a good week at the gym.
2- Don’t punish yourself if you have a treat. Train to live, don’t live to train.
3- Set yourself a reward system (not food) for achieving short-term goals, as these are ultimately leading you to your long-term goal.
4- If you feel you use food for the positive feeling it creates, then look at your relationship with food and use other incentives instead.