Some people eat LESS than a 4-year-old!

This is probably the shortest post I’ve written on nutrition, but I think it kind of speaks for itself.

there’s a whole confusion thing about whether or not a calorie requirement is too high.

Let me tell you this, I’ve just worked out my 4-year-old’s calorie requirement (not that I would ever impose this shit on him, let kids be kids)

But, this is roughly what it equates to:

Couch potato= 1300
Low activity= 1500
Active= 1700
Very active= 1900


Just under 20kg in weight

Just like an adult, these calories would be different if they’re overweight.

But this goes to show and ask the question of whether or not you’re having enough calories.

Is it large enough?

Is the deficit too large?

So, if 1000 calories is too small for a 4-year-old, then it’s definitely too small for a fully grown adult.

Any questions?