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Squat.Bench.Deadlift Workshop


Do you want to understand how to get strong in the BIG 3 lifts?

Lifting weights and seeing progress all the time is easy when you have some very vital factors in place. I have spent years working on myself and others to understand exactly how to get the best possible Squat.Bench.Deadlift for the individual.

That is the important part! Learning the individual tweaks and mastering your own movement patterns.



3 hour workshop on the Basics, Key factors and Advanced techniques of how to Squat Bench and Deadlift most effectively for your body-type.

I will be breaking down every element from how to warm up, a range of advanced activation techniques, the main tweaks and cues that will bring the best out of you for each lift, a theory and practical section on each lift to understand the full mechanical movements, plus- how to program most effectively for strength and you will also walk away with an 8 week program to follow.

First hour-
* Warm up drills
* Advanced activation techniques
* Mechanical movement patterns
* Body type tweaks

Second hour-
* How to set up for each lift
* Tweaks and cues for each lift
* How to combat sticking points for each lift

Third hour-
* How to program strength for each lift
* The 8 week program
* Q&A

Price – Now just £49 (First 15 places only) RRP £79
Dates are – 7th Sept 10.30-1.30
Location – Strong.Lean.Fit Loughborough